Black Friday River City Girls 2 Deals 2023 [Nintendo Switch, Ps4, Ps5, Xbox, Pc]

We have news regarding River City Girls 2, the upcoming beat ’em up sequel from WayForward.

The company’s official social media account has now revealed the game will be released “sometime after” its first anticipated “late summer 2023” release window in North America. This follows last week’s announcement of a December release date for Japan.

It displayed the game’s cover art to offset the news:

With Firaxis stating yesterday that it had decided to delay the release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it appears that many game developers are in the midst of their year’s last stretch (again). According to Famitsu, River City Girls will currently debut in Japan on December 1st.

 Black Friday River City Girls 2 Deals 2023

What To Expect From Black Friday Game Deals

Video game deals on Black Friday get a lot of attention, but most of it is about accessories. During the sale, prices on headsets, hard drives, and other peripherals are often cut by a lot, making it the best time to buy any you’ve been eyeing.

Most of the time, though, the best deals come with subscription services like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass. As was the case again in 2021, these usually go on sale at the end of November, which is a great time to renew your membership or start a new one before the new year.

Here are a few details about each platform.

PlayStation: Black Friday gaming deals give you a chance to fill in any gaps in your game collection from the last year or so. During the event, both new and old games are on sale at lower prices, and accessories for the platform are also on sale at lower prices (e.g. headsets and internal SSDs, which always get best-of-year offers). Also, don’t forget about things like PlayStation Plus. In November, it’s not unusual for their prices to go down.

Xbox: Games are the stars of Black Friday deals on Xbox every year. Both new and old games from the last few years get big discounts in November, so it’s a great time to try out any games you may have missed. In the same way, you should look into headsets and hard drives. You can save a lot on these must-have pieces of gear, so much so that we’d recommend waiting until Black Friday to buy them. Keep an eye out for services like Game Pass, as we said above. It’s not unusual for them to be on sale at this time.

Nintendo: Black Friday gaming deals do include discounts on official merchandise, but we usually get a lot more savings on third-party accessories like PowerA controllers (the same is true of headsets, not to mention cases). There are also often good bundles for the Nintendo Switch. Even though they sell out quickly and don’t always have the newest games, they’re a great deal and make a great way to start out with Nintendo’s console. Speaking of games, the prices of those usually go down too, so it’s a good time to stock up on the console’s back catalog. Just don’t expect to save a lot of money; $10 to $20 is usually the most we can hope for.

PC: For PC gamers, it’s all about the hardware. Keyboards, mice, headsets, and mics of all kinds get huge discounts of up to 60% or more, and pre-built systems also drop by a few hundred dollars on a regular basis. In a similar way, laptops are also good ways to save money. Some of the best Black Friday deals on these machines can be found on Amazon and Newegg. Since the best gaming laptops are already expensive, Black Friday is the best time to buy one.

Will There Be Deals On PS5 And Xbox Series X Games On Black Friday?

This year’s Black Friday gaming deals will definitely include discounts on PS5 or Xbox Series X games and accessories, but we wouldn’t count on discounts for the consoles themselves. They sell too well for that to happen, and we don’t think the price will go down until smaller, slimmer versions of the machines hit store shelves in the future.

Still, it’s likely that the number of PS5 or Xbox Series X games will go down during the sales event. Even though they’ll still be hard to find because of shortages of parts and increased demand, we get stock for both systems at least once a week, so I can imagine that stores will save some for Black Friday. Just don’t count on their lasting too long…

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