Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Black Friday Deals in 2023–Huge Discount

Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Black Friday Deals in 2023–You can find everything you need below, from a basic steering wheel to get you started to more expensive accessories with high-quality components and cutting-edge features like force feedback. The top Thrustmaster T300 RS GT racing wheels, all of which are PS5 compatible, are listed below at their lowest rates for Black Friday.

Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Black Friday 2023

Thrustmaster T300 RS GT– Review

Ideal For Beginners
With the Logitech G29, which you can learn more about here, I began my sim racing career. This wheel and pedal combo was created with the entry-level sim racing market in mind, but the T300RS appears to be an alternative for both novice and seasoned racers. Pedals were also included with the set I purchased, but I will cover those in a different piece.

Depending on the specific option you select, the T300RS has a range of price points; I purchased the GT version for the PS4. The wheel is a flexible alternative for many sim racers because it can be used on PC as well, however it is incompatible with Xbox One. The wheel features a belt-driven force feedback mechanism, which distinguishes it apart from more basic wheel sets like the G29.

Belt-driven motors provide force feedback that is smoother than that provided by gear-driven wheels, but this does have a small disadvantage that will be covered in more detail later. The Thrustmaster ecosystem of wheel rims is also compatible with the T300RS, so you may swap them out for others you already own. It also functions with their selection of pedals, making it an all-around very compatible wheel.

A brushless servo motor, which is reliable and effective, powers the T300RS. It has a maximum rotational angle of 1080 degrees and makes use of Thrustmaster’s HallEffect AccuRate Technology (HEART) to create a product that is even more durable and won’t lose its accuracy over time. It has internal memory as well, and its firmware may be updated.

But now it’s time to examine the T300RS in further detail, beginning with my initial thoughts.

Easy Setup
When I first opened the box, I didn’t use the T3PA pedals that were included, but the T300RS was really simple to set up and required very little cabling. The first thing I noticed was that, in contrast to some bases, which have the wires tucked underneath, this base’s wheelbase, which was previously detachable from the rim itself, has all of the connections going into the back of it.

As I use the Playseat Challenge and, like with many rig configurations, the wheelbase is screwed into this from below, this was a really useful component of the wheel. This allows me to replace cables and unplug devices without having to remove the wheel stand’s base entirely. This is important when, for instance, checking out various pedals because switching them out is so quick.

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